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TranslationPanacea is your trusted partner for all language needs.

We bring a personal and effective approach to this project, we hope that you enjoy it.

We welcome collaboration with educational institutes for trainings in translation Skills.

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A little more about TranslationPanacea

Welcome to TranslationPanacea

The flat world still speaks various languages. The whole world becoming one big marketplace poses the challenge to understand and communicate in your customer’s language. Not only that, with manufacturing facilities spread in multiple geographies, you need to understand and communicate in your teams’ languages as well.

Why Publishers come to us ?

1. Saving in cost, time and efforts.

2. Can concentrate on their core business

3. Ensure better quality (large pool of subject experts, consultants, languages etc.)

4. Many languages at single point

5. No upfront investment in infrastructure to develop the translations line, no need to establish office etc. for foreign publishing houses.

6. We have no interest in publishing trade. We can do translations best, that is what we do.

7. Rights remain with the original publisher.

Our clients prefer us for our core competencies

Professional support in end-to-end translation service

Domain – classical literature, fictions, informative books, reportage, self help, legal, medical, commercial, management, entrepreneurship, science, psychology.

On time delivery

Why publishers prefer TranslationPanacea

TranslationPanacea is a new concept, well received by the publishers and translators alike. For publishers, this offers three distinct advantages:

1. You can expand the translations line without any upfront fixed costs. (Imagine taking out 25 Marathi titles in the next 12 months, without any co-ordination effort or cost - that too with excellent resources.)

2. You can focus on acquiring rights of foreign language books and distribution of translated titles. (All the backend work is taken care of.)

3. You get a one-stop-solution for many languages - currently we have Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujrati, Kannada and Tamil. It gives a great platform to the publisher to expand as they are very sure that the contents quality will be really good.

contact us today, in your language
we understand it.

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