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Introduction of the month

Mr. N. Chokkan

Mr. N. Chokkan

Mr. Chokkan is working with TranslationPanacea for 2 years. He is capable of handling technical as well as literary content. He has translated many commercial documents in Tamil for us. Get to know him through our this month’s ‘Introduction of the Month’.

• How do you started editing and translation?
I worked with number of publishers in Tamil, writing direct books for them. This experience gave me great insights into the editing process and I started loving it. As translation was another passion of mine, I got into doing both these as a freelancer.

• What kind of work you do at TranslationPanacea?
I translate content from various domains in English > Tamil and Tamil > English language pairs. I also work on Hindi, Kannada projects rarely.

• What are the Quality norms of editing or translation?
According to me, a good translation wouldn’t sound alien in the target language. It will be as good as (or better than) a direct text written in that language. A good edited manuscript will be error-free and easy for the readers.

• Necessity of quality norms We are living in information age. Content is being consumed by people in large numbers. Hence, maintaining absolute quality is an essential norm. Especially when it comes to translations, we have the added responsibility of ensuring the original author (who may not know the target language) reaches the target audience without any distortion.

• My year with TranslationPanacea!
I loved working with TranslationPanacea on various challenging assignments. They always respect translators and editors by giving them proper instructions and enough time to give a quality deliverable. Thanks for the great opportunity!
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