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Introduction of the month

Ashlesha Gore

• How do you started editing and translation?

I am an Engineer by education. I had an opportunity to work with Vishvakarma Publications for translating two books from English into Marathi. Initially I looked at it as a hobby assignment. Later while working on those books, I realized that though I had no formal education in the field, I had the flair of translation. So I approached TranslationPanacea as well and things worked out with them as well.

• What kind of work you do at TranslationPanacea?
I have translated English fiction books into Marathi for TranslationPanacea.

• What are the Quality norms of editing or translation?
Translation converts original language content into the target language. In this process the output should be completely faithful to the meaning that the original content is trying to convey. Meaning should never be compromised at any cost.
Also whatever you write in target language should be readable. The language used should not be alien to its readers. Each language has its own style, way of constructing sentences, its own set of greetings and exclamations. Those should be used appropriately instead of just putting target language word at the place of source language word.
Putting proper punctuations and taking care of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes is important for a perfect translation.

• The necessity of quality norms
Any work is all about the quality and the same applies to translation. Without following quality norms, the translation serves no purpose.

• My year with TranslationPanacea!
It was a wonderful year working with TranslationPanacea. They are very professional when it comes to work. I am looking forward to more exciting projects and venturing into new avenues.

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