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Article   | 300 pages in 30 hours

Dear readers, we are delighted to share with you a seemingly impossible success story of translating 300 pages of legal content in just 30 hours! This demonstrates our team’s capability of handling large and sensitive projects within a shocking timeline. A leading legal firm in Pune was fighting a high-stake property case in Delhi High Court. The firm required a number of land records, agreements, wills, notifications and other related documents to be translated from Marathi into English. The documents were handed over to us at 7.00 pm on Friday and the hearing was scheduled on Monday. The project had some peculiarities:

• Accuracy – needs no explanation

• Confidentiality – the work was assigned to a team, and not a word should go out – not then, not now, never ever.

• Context – the case, purpose and audience were components of the context of translation.

• Consistency – All proper nouns, technical terms, relations and other details had to be consistent in all 300 pages, especially when more than one person wasinvolved in the translation.

• Formatting – All the translated documents must ‘look’ similar to the original.

• Time – This was a limiting factor and we had to race against time.

• Physical copy – we got the physical copies of original documents and the delivery was also expected in physical copies. As translators save time when they translate from soft copy, this was again a limiting factor.

The team took it as a challenge, and thanks to the excellent resource management, quality checking processes and experience of handling large projects, we successfully delivered the physical prints in very innovative way by Saturday night. Our client was astonished with the speed, and more so, with the accuracy of translation. Our ‘Team Cool’ is always ready for such challenges… well, once in while!
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