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Success story


Presenting the published translation of ‘Hit Refresh’, the autobiography of Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO. We have translated this book from English to Marathi and Gujarati for Yatra and Westland publications. This inspiring story is about rediscovering Microsoft’s soul.

This book is peculiar as it contains highly technical concepts and terms like Big Data, Quantum Computing. We struck a balance of language and familiarity after due deliberation. We are sure it is an interesting read. The original content is accessible to more readers preferring their mother tongue. Mr. Uday Jog has translated the book in Marathi and Mr. Ashish Bhinde has translated it in Gujarati.

AADHAAR: A Biometric History

We are proud to present the published translation of AADHAAR: A Biometric History of India’s Twelve Digit Revolution in Marathi and Gujarati. We have translated this book for Yatra and Westland Publication. This book by Shankar Aiyar gives us a comprehensive view of Aadhaar right from its germination.

Finding references, using correct terminologies for technical terms from different domains such as Law, Constitution, Political Science, and Sociology made this journey interesting. We are happy to share this book with you. So, grab a copy in Marathi or Gujarati and get to know what Aadhaar is in your mother tongue. Mr. Sanket D. Lad has translated the book in Marathi and Mr. Ashish Bhinde has translated it in Gujrati.

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