Q. Is TranslationPanacea a publishing house?

A. No. We are not a publishing house. We are happy and proud being a support service provider for publishing houses.

Q. What is the organisation structure of TranslationPanacea?

A. TanslationPanacea is a division of Panacea BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. It is led by a group of professionals. A group of language specialists and eminent authors and translators form the core of TranslationPanacea. We work closely with freelance tranlsators, editors, content writers, VO artists and other professionals. We do not outsource our work to other translation agency.

Q. I represent a publishing house. Do I get a customised service? / I want only part of your services, rest we do in house. Is that possible?

A. Absolutely. We are here to provide the support services you need. All the services can be customised suiting to your needs. You can pick and choose from our various services. If you want us to design a specific service for you, we will be happy to do that.

Q. I am a Author / Translator / Editor / Graphic designer / Typesetter. What should I do to register myself with TranslationPanacea?

A. Please go to the Contact Us page. Choose your category, fill in the details and click. We will come back to you within 3 working days and guide you for empanelment process.

Q. What is the cost ?

A. It depends on the scope of the service you choose. However, we can assure that you get value for money if you analyse the cost and benefit.

Q. Who are your clients?

A. We work for Indian and foreign publishers as well as multinational corporates having their wings spread across the globe.

Q. I am a corporate client. I need to translate highly confidential documents. How do you ensure confidentiality of documents and contents?

A. We understand and respect the confidential nature of the contents. We sign the NDA with the client before any contents are shared with us. Also our translators are bound by the NDA with us. If need be, the work is split between two or three translators, just to ensure the confidentiality.

Q. How do you ensure accuracy of the translation?

A. The translation undergoes ruthless editing. In case of technical translations, we adopt the reverse translation way to ensure accuracy. For literary contents, we take extra care that the translation is of the meaning, not just of words. Using parallel idioms, relevant metaphors are some examples.

Q. Do you do machine translation or manual translation? / do you use CAT tools for translation?

A. For Indian languages we use manual translation only. For European languages also, we prefer manual translation. However, if time and cost are the constraints, then we may CAT tools, with the knowledge of the client, and the translation is subsequently edited.

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